360° of Stoke.

When it comes to living an active lifestyle, a few important elements of the conversation all too often are left out. In order to fully achieve the goals of living actively, how we fuel our active movement is as important as the movement itself. It’s this simple combination that completes the 360° circle of wellness, opening the door to all the things we really want! Unevolve™ is an apparel brand about connecting all the dots and completing the circle to arrive at the healthiest and ultimately the happiest outcome of you :)

 Age is falsely blamed on age.

Our bodies were made to eat nature. As the production of processed, man-made, unhealthy food goes up, so with it goes the level of human ailment and disease. We think it's a bummer that the life expectancy of modern humans is actually trending down. UNEVOLVE is simply pushing back against a lifestyle of fast, fried and sedentary. We believe when you stay in movement and eat beautiful, you look, feel and stay, beautiful! You stay a lot happier too—that's one our favorite pieces of the puzzle!