An activewear brand that’s about the eating that fuels the active lifestyle? You guessed it, we also have a line of amazing and beautiful Craft Superfood! In fact, the food came before the apparel! Born in late 2016, Everbowl® has become a movement, spreading love and wellness throughout Southern California and has since opened in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon with new more states coming and franchise locations slated to open in 2021 around the world.
We like to think of unevolve as a movement of movement! Based on the belief that modern life is wonderful and convenient, but the flip side of convenience is that we sometimes lack the movement our bodies need to be happy. In some ways, we have OVER evolved and Everbowl was created to help people to get back to the simplicity of eating stuff that’s been around forever™. This superfood “stuff” is the best, most nutrient-dense Fuel for Movement™ our sweet Earth has to offer.